Friday, November 21, 2008

WALL-E DS Cutscene Storyboards...

Opening scene:

Another scene:

The cutscenes in the WALL-E DS game were a ton of work (done in-house by a tiny team under tight deadlines) but well worth it. The end result (after polished animation, clean art, great audio, and help from tech) turned out great, and was no small feat to be done in-engine on the DS. Some members of the team were initially skeptical of the idea to do them, and a test was needed. I wrote out a description of each (action by action) and storyboarded two of the sequences to show to the team. Joe Keller, with some technical support from programming, made the first in-game test to be sure we could pull it off on the DS. Joe's work was great and showed the promise of taking the big step to do all 12 or so scenes from scratch by our team. We showed the tests to the folks at Pixar and got the green light. Juan Diaz picked up the remaining story boards and did a great job. Marcos Borregales and Joe Keller did the initial scene set ups and modeling. John Beauchemin and Haissam Badawi (with Bill Ballard pitching in) made them come to life with amazingly polished animations. Mashi Hasu arranged the music and sound effects. I managed and gave general direction to the team as well as editing the cuts, dropping in all of the eye expressions, and cuing tread movements in xml. All and all the team pushed extremely hard to get them done and their talents make them shine...Thanks guys!

* Note that we had the limitation of no physical camera movements (among many other tight constraints), so we moved the entire 3d scene instead ;)

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